let's be together till the end

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luhan day t-13

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silent influence | do not edit.

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super filtered selca hey

To the boy of my dreams:
I’m not sure if I can ever express how incredibly grateful I am for you, and perhaps no words in English or Mandarin ever will. With your strength and resolve and hard work, you’ve taught me how to carry on. Because of you, I want to be stronger, I want to be better, and I want to smile more. Strangely, it’s gotten to the point where saying “I love you” doesn’t even cover it anymore, so I’ll say this instead: I respect you a lot (even though you sometimes say stupid things), I adore your childish heart, and even though I’ve never met you in person and can only imagine the way your eyes gently crinkle when you laugh, I hope that you’ll have an infinite amount of opportunities in the future to share that smile with others.

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class clown byunbaek

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